Specialized Training

I have successfully completed many additional training courses which have furthered my professional development:

Theory and Marketing of Digital Networks (1 week) - AT&T

A one week course taught by AT&T that covered all the basics of selling digital networks including Digital Transport, Dataphone™ Digital Service, Accunet™ Switched 56 Service, Accunet T 1.5 Service, Accunet Reserved 1.5 Service, Skynet™ 1.5 Service, Packet Switching, Software Defined Networks, and Integrated Services Digital networks (ISDN).

Outcome Selling (2 day course) - AT&T

This two day course

Competitive Selling Skills (1 week) - AT&T

An extensive course that formed the core of AT&T's selling philosophy of value added selling.

Business Function Marketing (4 days) - AT&T

Sales training by business function required by AT&T.

Professional Direct Marketer (PDM) Certification - (9 months) - University of Missouri, Bloch School of Mgmt.

A year long course made up of three week long residential long blocks, with work on major projects done at "home." 

Xerox Professional Selling Skills (PSS) (1 week) - R. P. Gillotte/AECO

One of the "standard" selling skills courses. AECO had adopted the Xerox course as a mandatory course for all sales personnel.

World Class Manufacturing

A seminar presented to our company on the Japanese WCM theory.

Theory of Video Production (Padgett &Thompson)

An in depth seminar on the theory of video production.



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