Academic Experience

I started attending the University of California at Irvine in Fall, 1983 and was involved with the University until I left Southern California in 1990. During those seven years I was not only a student (for three years), I was also a staff member, volunteer, and financial supporter of the school on a variety of fronts. Last year, the school changed its name to The Paul Merage School of Business. This is a short overview of my involvement:

Teaching Assistant (TA): In 1984 I entered the MBA program as part of the school's "3/2 Program" in which students were granted early entry into the program and allowing their first year of graduate courses to also fulfill their Bachelor's degree requirements. As an Economics major, this meant my second year of school was counted towards both degrees. It also allowed me to be a Teaching Assistant for Economics. I led discussion groups, taught students in small classes, as well as assisting professor's with testing, grading exams, and other duties.

Research Assistant (RA): While

President, GSM Student Association: In 1985, I was elected as President of the GSM Student Association (GSMSA). My duties included:

  • Serving on the GSM Alumni Association board as the school's student representative
  • Serving on the the Master's Committee (a group that examined the school's policies and curriculum)
  • Members of the Placement Advisory Committee
  • Represented the school at University and external events
  • Directing all student led activities such as Day on the Job, Employer receptions, Alumni receptions, annual Awards Banquet, and weekly student receptions.     

I was also responsible for the development of the Rockwell Reading Room, a resource for students. Click here for details.

Executive MBA Program:

In 1985, GSM admitted the first class of it's now highly acclaimed Executive MBA program. The first Director of the Program was Frank Largent. Just prior to the recruitment period for the second class to be admitted in 1986, Frank left the program and a search began for his replacement. Dean Newton Margulies asked me if I was step into the position until they found someone and I agreed. I took over the position and started interviewing candidates for entrance into the following year's program. I also served on the search committee and ended up "training" the new Director, Ann Jennings. I also assisted Ann during her first year in the position, including designing a new recruitment brochure for the program. She went on to successfully run and build the program for many years.         

Placement Officer:

While attending the Graduate School of Management (GSM) and serving as President of the student association, one of my main goals was to get the University to provide placement services specifically for GSM. Previously these services were provided through the University's general placement office, which also provided job placement for undergraduates. Eventually, the school got funding for a part time placement officer and after some false starts I was asked if I could do the job. Although I was working as a Regional Sales manager, I committed to holding office hours during my lunch breaks several times a week when I was in town. I also spent most of my weekends working to put together the office, create a database of potential employers, and produce the Student Resume handbook. I also proposed the school's first Internship Program and was the first to invite outside companies to schedule MBA interviews directly with GSM.

President - GSM Alumni Association:

I joined the GSM Alumni Association (GSMAA) board in Summer,1985 as the Student representative. I served on the board for three years and in Spring, 1988, was elected as President, a position I held until I left California in January, 1990.

  • Membership Committee chair (1987)
  • Member, Board of Directors of the UCI Alumni Association (UCIAA) 1988-1990.
  • Member, GSM Corporate Partners Advisory Board (1989)
  • Major Contributor, GSM New Building Fund.  

GSM Corporate Partners Advisory Board (CPAB):

I also served a member of the CPAB, a group which met regularly to discuss ways we could involve more local businesses with the school and its students. I worked closely with the new Dean, Dr. Dennis Aigner, and held regular meetings with local business leaders to represent the school. I also attended several conferences where I represented the school to prospective students.    


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